Hello Fear is a movement envisioned by Lady Tyonne Boyd-Godfrey. This vision was birthed after years of struggling with her personal goals of entrepreneurship and calling to the ministry. By pushing through her own fears, she was inspired to create a vehicle for women of all walks to identify their fears and embrace greatness in a safe and collaborative environment.

The Vision of the Hello Fear Conference is that women from all walks of life will be empowered to identify and face their fears. With God and through visionary speakers and networking opportunities, women gain the confidence to face their fears and the skills to claim victory in all challenging situations.

The Mission of Hello Fear Ministries is to connect, empower and promote women as courageous leaders; facing fears and overcoming challenges.

Tyonne A. Boyd-Godfrey

Tyonne A. Boyd-Godfrey


Tyonne Boyd-Godfrey is First Lady of Abundance of Hope Family Center, under the leadership of Pastor Bobby Godfrey. Abundance of Hope Family Center was founded February 2011 and held its first services in October 2011. The motto of Abundance of Hope Family Center is  “Giving hope to the hopeless”. For more information please visit our website http://www.ahopefam.org/

A message from the founder:

It is my sincere hope that women begin to say hello to their fears. Once I began to confront the challenges in my life, I uncovered the potential for greatness. Overcoming fear can be a daily struggle that can either paralyze you or encourage you to confront the source of those fears. When I began to embrace my challenges, I connected with other women who were ready to say hello to their fears and embrace their challenges.  I want to invite you to share this journey with me. Take the first step in saying hello to your fear; make room in your life to step out on faith and join us! See you there!