Meet Our Advisory Board

TeKoah Kalia

TeKoah Kalia

Advisory Board Member

Tekoah is a highly qualified, multidisciplinary systems’ professional with a passion for developing people and organizations. Her years of experience in the Human Services sector reflect her ability to respond to the changing needs of clients in various capacities. She specializes in incorporating systems thinking into business models and developing outcome based programming that directly translates to a diverse funding portfolio. She excels at helping individuals define their ideas into workable business models with practices that are accountable to the mission, the consumers and the stakeholders.

As a Southern girl with northern roots, Tekoah’s unique blend of perspective and proficiency comes from being raised in a world of competing ideologies. She is adept at wading through the ‘noise’ that often comes with strong and passionate opinion to find the “still, small voice” that is the solution. Her educational background in Political Science and Multidisciplinary Human Services combines her ability to help individuals navigate complex human service systems with her ability to quickly analyze policy issues, discussing them in a way that is appealing and relatable. The result is a highly competent professional that has the ability to see opportunity in a challenging environment. A professional with the ability to create culture based models that are responsive, scalable and adaptable.

In her personal life, Tekoah is enthusiastic about building relationships and connecting with like-minded individuals in collaborative ventures to address community issues. She is a strong supporter of any cause that strengthens our access to Human Rights. Tekoah lives in Louisiana and loves to travel. Contact her via email at

Patrice Marshall McKenzie

Patrice Marshall McKenzie

Advisory Board Memory

Patrice Marshall McKenzie is skilled professional adept in the Legislative Process, public affairs and media relations. She is known by many in the government and public sector throughout California, and has access to many of the most powerful people within the public policy landscape. Her professional experience is anchored by a well-rounded repertoire of experience and skills, including community relations, event management and design, public relations and communications, human resources and policy development to name a few. Ms. McKenzie is also an adept facilitator, thought leader and visionary in the public affairs arena.

Patrice currently serves at the Deputy Chief of Staff for Los Angeles Unified School District Board Member Dr. George McKenna. Previously, Ms. McKenzie held the position of Field Representative with the office of Assembly Speaker Emeritus Karen Bass. She served as a direct liaison and local spokesperson between key stakeholders of the 47th Assembly District and the Member.

Ms. McKenzie is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley with a degree in African American Studies and a Minor in Critical Pedagogy. She also holds a Master in Public Administration degree from Bernard M. Baruch School of Public Affairs at the City University of New York.

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